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QNOC Features


Resource Management (RM) is the efficient and effective deployment for an organisation's resources. Such resources may include financial, inventory, skills & competence, production, tools and equipment or information technology (IT).

QNOC RM module includes two sub modules (Training and Equipment) to effectively and easily manage personnel training and competencies and also properly manage any business related tools and equipment.



QNOC RM Equipment sub-module is established for managing and monitoring tools, equipment and any maintenance, more efficiently across your organisation.

Easy to use and manage the information on all of the assets is in one centralised database.


QNOC RM Training sub-module manages all personnel training in a comprehensive and easy to operate matrix.

Skill sets entered and managed by the system are used as the basis of personnel competencies together with all relevant training courses (internally, externally or on the job) planned and delivered.

Personnel have access to their individual training matrix and records, whilst the System Administrator has access to all.

Training Administrators also have the ability to add, edit, manage, plan, schedule and administer all training, personnel information and data, trainers, courses and any other related data.

Training needs and requirements are established, defined and assigned in three distinct methods:
1. Mandatory (applicable to ALL personnel)
2. By Position
3. By Individual



• Equipment details registration
• Equipment and service documentation
• Service history tracking (Internal & External services)

• Maintenance, monitoring and management of assets
• Assets locations or movement tracking

• Maintenance and repairs instructions control  •Service reminders
• Simple and detailed reporting